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Unbundled Services

Some clients choose to undertake their own legal family work and simply to ask us for help or clarification as needed. This is known as "unbundled services". If you request unbundled family law services and the case is appropriate for this type of service then this is the service we will provide. This is effectively a "pay as you go" arrangement.

Please note that we do not offer this service in other legal fields.

You come to us for advice as and when you think it is necessary. We will give you advice on the matter as and when you return.

We require all unbundled work to be paid for after each advice session at an hourly rate of £150 plus disbursements. Each hour is split into ten units of six minutes, each costing £15. For example, a short letter written or received will be charged as one unit and a longer one charged according to the time actually taken.