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Finance on or after divorce

By agreement
Some couples are able to reach an agreement as to the financial consequences of a divorce either directly or with the assistance of their solicitors or others. In such cases it is advisable to ask the court to approve an order made by consent, setting out the terms of the agreement, to provide future clarity. This is particularly important if a "clean break" is proposed, as claims can only be dismissed by the court. We can help you to achieve this. Our fee will depend upon the amount of input you require from us and the complexity of your circumstances. We will agree a fee structure with you before commencing any work for you.
By an application to the court
An application generally follows three stages.
The first is the procedure up to and including the First Directions Appointment ("FDA"), by which time financial disclosure is usually given and four documents prepared setting out the background to your case and a request for any additional disclosure.
The second is the procedure up to and including the Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing ("FDR"), where the court actively encourages both parties to reach agreement. Our work at this stage includes the collection of additional financial material, such as valuations and any expert reports. If agreement is not forthcoming at the FDR, your case is then listed for a final hearing.
If an agreement can be reached at any stage of the proceedings, the court can be asked to approve a consent order to conclude the proceedings.
For standard cases, we charge £1,500 plus disbursements for the preparatory work to FDA, £1,500 for the preparatory work to FDR and £2,000 for the preparatory work to the final hearing and will agree separate fees with you for representation at each hearing. We will require payment of 75% of the fixed fee at the outset of each stage, with the balance on completion of that stage and the costs of representation in full at least 6 working days before each hearing. If an agreement is reached at any stage of the proceedings, we will charge £300 plus disbursements (there may, for example, be a court fee of £50) to draw up and obtain a consent order. Any work to implement the consent order will be at an additional charge. If matters are or become more complicated, we will work on an hourly rate of £150 plus disbursements. Each hour is split into ten units of six minutes, each costing £15. For example, a short letter written or received will be charged as one unit and a longer one charged according to the time actually taken.