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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a lawyer?
It is possible to organise your matters personally. Legal rules and procedures can be complicated and confusing. We can interpret the jargon for you. You have peace of mind that your issues have been addressed by an experienced professional.

Who will act for me?
Your matter will be dealt with by a qualified lawyer. We do not employ paralegal staff.

What happens if I die without making a will?
The intestacy rules will determine how your estate is distributed without reference to your wishes and by people who might not be your first choice.

What are disbursements?
Disbursements are payments which are made to third parties on your behalf. These can include court fees, payments to experts, the fees of external counsel and travel costs. We will explain why these are required and discuss these with you in advance of incurring the expense. In many cases we are directly responsible to discharge these fees. You will appreciate that we cannot act as your banker and we have to ask you to place us in funds before incurring any disbursement.
What will it cost?
We pride ourselves in providing you with a fixed fee wherever possible and will discuss the likely cost at the outset of our instructions.

Why should I have a Lasting Power of Attorney?
These ensure that your wishes are carried out by people you trust if, for any reason, you do not have the ability to look after your own interests. They avoid delay in dealing with your financial and/or welfare interests and also potential costs of an application to court.

How do I fund your fees?
Most of our clients pay their costs from their personal funds. If this is impossible for you, you may choose to borrow. It is important that any borrowing from family or friends is properly documented to challenge any subsequent argument that the loan is "soft" and not repayable. The cost of borrowing can prove expensive and we strongly advise you to take independent advice before entering into any commitment.
If you need to fund litigation, we can supply you with details of independent firms who offer litigation loans.
We regret to inform you that we do not undertake "no win no fee" or Legal Aid work. If you believe that you are eligible for Legal Aid, you can find more information at