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Divorce and Dissolution

Sadly, relationships can fail and we are here to help you to resolve the issues relating to the breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership.

We offer an initial meeting at our offices for up to an hour for £90 to discuss your circumstances and to provide initial advice. If you prefer to meet elsewhere, we will agree a fee for that first meeting in advance.

It may be that you decide simply to separate. You can arrange the basis of the separation direct with your partner. If you prefer a more formal footing, we can negotiate and draft a Separation Agreement. Our fees will depend upon the complexity of your particular circumstances, but we will provide you with a fee structure at the outset.

If a divorce or dissolution is the chosen route, if you petition our fees for a standard uncontested case are £300 plus expenses known as disbursements, such as the mandatory court fee. If your partner brings the petition, then in a standard uncontested case our fees will be £200 plus any disbursements. You should, however, be aware that the petitioner can look to the other party to pay some or all of their costs.

Please note that these fees relate to the standard uncontested divorce or dissolution proceedings only and not to any other work including:

⚬ Personal service if required
⚬ Making more than one amendment to draft documents
⚬ Any additional applications which may be necessary to obtain the divorce or dissolution
⚬ Ancillary work, such as advice on finance or children
⚬ Any work which is not completed because of your choice to delay or a lack of instructions from you within one year of you instructing us to act.

If matters are more complicated, we will work on an hourly rate of £150 plus disbursements. Each hour is split into ten units of six minutes, each costing £15. For example, a short letter written or received will be charged as one unit and a longer one charged according to the time actually taken.