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Many couples choose to live together without entering into a marriage or civil contract. This means that in the event of a subsequent separation the parties do not have access to all of the financial remedies which arise on divorce.

To avoid future conflict, some couples choose to enter into a Living Together Agreement, to organise their affairs at the outset or further on into the relationship. This can regularise those issues that you choose, including the financial aspects of the relationship and to define arrangements for any children.

The ownership of any home will follow land law principles, unless other arguments are used, such as equitable remedies or provisions for children. At the very least, it is sensible to consider a Declaration of Trust on the acquisition of any home, to avoid arguments and cost, whether as a result of a break up or some other event, such as a dispute over the extent of your deceased partner's estate.

On separation, it is advisable to obtain advice to ensure that you understand the legal options available to you.

We offer you help at any stage in your relationship.

We offer an initial meeting at our offices for up to an hour for £90 to discuss your circumstances and to provide initial advice. If you prefer to meet elsewhere, we will agree a fee for that first meeting in advance.

Our fees will depend upon the complexity of your particular circumstances, but we will provide you with a fee structure at the outset. We work on an hourly rate of £150 plus disbursements. Each hour is split into ten units of six minutes, each costing £15. For example, a short letter written or received will be charged as one unit and a longer one charged according to the time actually taken.