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We can help with:

⚬ Obtaining parental responsibility.
Many parents automatically share parental responsibility, providing, in broad terms, the rights and obligations of a parent. If that is not the case, we can try to obtain this by agreement or, if necessary, apply to the court.

⚬ Ascertaining where a child should live and with whom.
This can include shared care arrangements.

⚬ Determining the time that a child should spend with others.
Although this is usually the non-resident parent, it can also include time spent with others, including grandparents.

⚬ Applying for a specific issue order.
This is an order that a particular action should be taken for the benefit of the child. This can include medical treatment, a holiday outside the court's jurisdiction against the wishes of the other parent or schooling.

⚬ Removal of a child from the jurisdiction of the court.

⚬ Applying for a prohibited steps order.
As the title suggests, this is an order preventing the child being subject to a particular action.

⚬ Adoption and Guardianship.

⚬ Financial support.

We offer an initial meeting at our offices for up to an hour for £90 to discuss your circumstances and to provide initial advice. If you prefer to meet elsewhere, we will agree a fee for that first meeting in advance.

We will work on an hourly rate of £150 plus disbursements. Each hour is split into ten units of six minutes, each costing £15. For example, a short letter written or received will be charged as one unit and a longer one charged according to the time actually taken.

Our fees will depend upon the complexity of your particular circumstances, but we will provide you with a fee structure at the outset.

Please note that we do not undertake any legal aid or public children work.